Let's imagine that you have decided to find out about political protests in Wales, and part of your research is on the Chartist Movement. 


To begin with, you just want to know who the Chartists were. It doesn't matter if you haven't studied Chartism before: the aim is to see what you can get out of a source you are not familiar with.


Here's a newspaper extract from 1839. It was not written in Wales. This might help you! 



Download the worksheet and work through the source: try to get as much information as possible! 

Here is a report on Chartism in Wales from The London Dispatch and People's Political and Social Reformer (London, England), Sunday, January 13, 1839; Issue 122.

It mentions who was there, and what kinds of people supported the People's Charter. 

It tells you what the meeting was like, and what happened - but doesn't give a lot of details.

It tells you which languages were spoken, and different meetings that took place about the same issue.

This report goes into more detail about what was said at the Newport meeting.

The report predicts that more places will get involved and lists ones that have already

The newspaper doesn't just talk about Chartism, it also reports on the Corn Laws and gives an opinion

This news column ends with a mid-Wales mystery that has nothing to do with Chartism.

For more context to the Chartism Movement and a timeline of the protests, click on this link: