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Scoop.It Page

Check out the Welsh Bacc History Resources Scoop.It page, where we have a range of online resources covering various parts of the history curriculum. You can search the page for the topic you're interested in, and check out the links we have to improve your background knowledge. The Welsh Bacc History Resources site is not responsible for external content. 

Welsh Libraries

What if you need to go to the library? Did you know that libraries contain a lot of history resources too - and not just history textbooks? If you need to look at newspapers, archives are not the only place to look. Libraries keep newspapers too - so if you want to compare modern news stories and see how different papers and magazines report on the same topic, you can go to your library and see what they have. If you're comparing modern news reporting with historical news stories, you will also need to go to your nearest archive to see the older news stories - email your local archive or search via ArchivesWales.org! 


WelshLibraries.org has lots of great information and resources to help you get the most out of your library. Remember: not all your research can be done online!

Archives Wales

If you need to do some research and look at documents - you might want to find very old newspaper articles or use some family records that are not online - you can see if your local archive or record office has the information you need. An archive is where historical documents of lots of different types are stored, and each region has its own archive full of local history. Archives Wales is the website that connects you to all the Welsh archives, and gives you details of projects happening around Wales that might be useful to you. 


Clicking on the "Using Archives" tab on the homepage gives you lots of advice on how to use archives, and advice for teachers as well as for students. Archives are a very important resource, and when you find yours, you can email them with your questions.


Be polite in emails: always start with "Dear...." (just put the name of the archives if you don't know who will be reading the email!) and introduce yourself (just your name, your school and that you are a Welsh Bacc student). Explain what your project is, and then ask them any questions you have: do they have any information on your topic? What kind of information, and how can you access it? What are the archive's opening times, and what are the rules of the archives if you do visit? Do you need to bring ID with you? Do you need to pay for a Reader's Card (like a library card)? 

Museums Wales

Museums Wales are a family of seven museums across Wales - National Museum, Cardiff ; St Fagans National History Museum ; National Waterfront Museum ; Big Pit National Coal Museum ; National Slate Museum ; National Roman Legion Museum and the National Wool Museum. 


Go here to plan your visits and find out what resources they can offer students and teachers!

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Peoples' Collection Wales

This site is a bit like Pinterest for Welsh history. You can make your own account here to upload your own family history and/or local history memories, in the form of video or audio files, photographs or stories. Search through thousands of items uploaded from across Wales to build pictures of local life from the Stone Age to Modern Day – but make sure you credit their owners properly if you use them in your history projects!